The Guild Master by TheGuildMasterDev

In this game, you have been given ownership of a run-down Guild looking to restore its glory. Can you manage the Guild and your council successfully? Or will you fall into obscurity?

This game features four different endings, all dependent on the choices you make throughout.

The Guild Master was created as a part of a high-school initiative to bring LGBTQIA+ representation to gaming.

If you want to know more information, check out the website here:
Review by _xXMidnight
23 Aug 2021
This is underrated.
I really love the game :D

Review by Plague Doctor [|87
08 Oct 2020
The game is short but the characters are very likable.

Review by jesterking15
31 Jan 2019
I feel like the LBGTQ thing was a bit contrived, though the writing was good, I got invested in all the characters even though it was short and it made for a wonderful experience

Review by rachmarie
10 Dec 2018
Love seeing games that include LBGTQ characters, only thing was it was too short, and I wanted to spend more time with them hope they do more with this guild.

Review by Aroura Darp
27 Sep 2018
Amazingly enjoyable, all the characters are likable even in the short time you have with them and they are represented really well.

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