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Review for (do not) forget
29 Jul 2021
I've gotta admit, I was expecting a jump scare throughout the game.
It's etched into my memory that games that look really fun and carefree like this usually have darker and more pg meanings.
Insecurity is really annoying.
But all in all, it's really interesting.
Very fun as well, though please don't keep me on my toes anymore.
It's really stressing.

Review for Textdown
28 Jul 2021

Review for Portcullis
27 Jul 2021
Conquer the castle.
Defeat the sorcerer.
Also check, along with the 3 endings.
Annoy the chef.
Ohoho yes, I had fun with that one.
I originally thought this was going to be boring.
Looks like your text adventures always prove me wrong.

27 Jul 2021
At first, I wanted to just quit the game because it was slightly boring, and I couldn't seem to find how to not die. But this voice in my head kept nagging me, "I'm sure it's a good game!" So I kept playing.

Halfway through, I really like it now. The plot is quite distinct, with some information about the world here and there. Though I died a few times. Not poggers. But the plot. Poggers.

Now I've finished the whole thing and found the sloth.

I'm sad.

I'm waiting for the next one, and if it's already released, SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE-
*ahem* pardon me.
Carry on with your coding adventures, this is amazing :D

frIck rEAdIng pOEtrY hAs mAdE mE slIghtlY mOrE pOEtIc-

Review for Choice of Robots
26 Jul 2021
Amazing, amazing!
Pretty late, I know -w-"
But it would be a lot nicer if the entire thing was free, though I do understand why it needs to be paid for.