Death at Woodsbane by Craig Dutton

News of Jerimiah Quill's murder had come as a shock. Not only was he the town of Woodsbane's Magistrate but his body was found with the head cleaved off!

The Devil had danced last night, that's for certain!

Can you, the new magistrate, solve Quill's murder in this gothic mystery?

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Review by archerqueen08
11 Feb 2018
I haven't even finished the game yet but so far it's been great!

Review by sarah4
13 Apr 2015
Hi Craig, I haven't been on this site for a while so I was delighted to return and find not just one, but two, new games from you! This is, as always, an excellent game with many fiendish puzzles, an intriguing and well laid-out setting, interesting characters and a spooky and unsettling storyline. Congratulations on yet another amazing game! I'm off to play your other new game now!

Review by auragar
21 Feb 2015
The game is fun but there are extra actions you never use, I won't go into which however, and there are a few areas that aren't necessary or could be cut and reworked to make it more condensed and streamlined. Also there are several things that aren't very clear, and that is the biggest problem with this game it gives you very little direction and leaves you to fend for yourself. It doesn't explain clearly or at all what to do several times and what you have to do is illogical. Otherwise the story overall is interesting and if you have some help it is a fun, short, little romp.

Review by Odie_da_Bossé
10 Jan 2015
Hm. I've never liked the games with a lot of writing, unless they are well written. I actually think that 'The Lunastone' was a lot better (I played it a long while back, but never reviewed it, for I was very inexperienced with the game, I was exploring the site) in terms of it's writing. I didn't quite enjoy the writing here as much. And just too many choices that were near to useless when you go in them. Is there a point to every place you can go?

But I decided to rate this game a five, for there was the sense of professionalism in it, like The Lunastone. It's just this sense that I have when I play a game, that has a lot of content/effort put into it. Very few games are like this, so congrats. You are nearest to one of my favourite game makers on text adventures.

A terrific game. You are probably one of the best makers on the site, and if no one believes me, look at his games. Fantastic work, Craig, await your next game!

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 09 Jan 2015
Updated 14 Aug 2015