Reviews by Odie_da_Bossé

Review for Battle Camp
28 Feb 2016
Nice! I like it. If you drew the pictures yourself, then you're a good drawer. You've got potential! (p.s. if you want to review someone's game, make sure you say why rate it how you do)

Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
31 Mar 2015
Another great game. Simple idea turned into a masterpiece. That's all I need to tell you. Great job, Peter.

Review for The last alliance
25 Jan 2015
I actually totally disagree with Father; this is a good length for a quick game.

But maybe a bit less writing could of made this better; even though the writing here was very well paced, the length of your passages could be a little smaller, just so you can go on with the game quicker.

Another thing you could think about including in the future is pictures. Adds some better visual of the story. Otherwise, this would be one of my favourites. Well one, ejm29.

12 Jan 2015
Wow, 88795 plays for One Night at Freddy's? Well done Unperson!

This indeed is a pretty good game. A good concept, but I really think this game has potential if you pay attention to certain details.

For example, this is a horror game. And I think the FNAF meant it to be a horror game, too. Maybe a 'retro' style would suit the game better. A few pictures probably won't hurt.

Also take in mind, that some readers may not know the game you based this on, so people will be lost on what is happening.

Great potential. I couldn't resist giving a rating for this, after so many people saying unfair reviews about it. If you give this game a little bit of room to cover, it will blossom into a five star game. Keep at it Unperson!

Review for Death at Woodsbane
10 Jan 2015
Hm. I've never liked the games with a lot of writing, unless they are well written. I actually think that 'The Lunastone' was a lot better (I played it a long while back, but never reviewed it, for I was very inexperienced with the game, I was exploring the site) in terms of it's writing. I didn't quite enjoy the writing here as much. And just too many choices that were near to useless when you go in them. Is there a point to every place you can go?

But I decided to rate this game a five, for there was the sense of professionalism in it, like The Lunastone. It's just this sense that I have when I play a game, that has a lot of content/effort put into it. Very few games are like this, so congrats. You are nearest to one of my favourite game makers on text adventures.

A terrific game. You are probably one of the best makers on the site, and if no one believes me, look at his games. Fantastic work, Craig, await your next game!

This game's fair. Has Klondikekun allowed you to copy the game? But anyways, this still was a fairly good game. But you should really think about how much readers are actually willing to read. It isn't an interactive fiction if you just press 'continue' over and over until you finally get a choice, which is go north. And then the cycle continues. But anyways, effort was there, so congrats. Overall, I think there are some ways this game could be better. Looking for more games, princessap7!

Review for Fatal Island Part 2
09 Jan 2015
Well done Renagrade, you didn't fail to impress me with your sequel. Although, to be honest, I enjoyed Part 1 more than Part 2; I thought that it was better written for some reason. But still a great game. The effort was still evident, it's a fast paced, intense game that takes a hell of a maker to create. Well done.

Also, a quick suggestion, maybe make the title page different between Part 1 and Part 2.

Review for Camp Stabbiwaka
31 Dec 2014
It's simple, Peter. This game was amazing. The suspense and addiction is all there, well done. Even if there could of been some pictures, this is one of the best games I've played on the site.

29 Dec 2014
A really great idea, but it needs some care - I agree with Daisy&sis; poor grammar. Really could use some colour, pictures and all that. I don't know why the other three people voted 5; why was it a five? Specify your answers next time. Otherwise, this game does have quite some potential! If you update this with better grammar, more details and maybe some other special bits and pieces in an update, I'll be sure you'll deserve those fives! Keep at it, Trooper7!

Review for All Roads
29 Dec 2014
This is the game that I have been scavenging for.

Storyline/plot - The game only sheds you a few details of the story or settings every few minutes or so; this is well distributed. It lures the readers in to adventure deeper into the game, and find out the whole truth behind it all.

Game size - Without a doubt, this is the game on text adventures with the most effort put into it. Literally every action I can think of, you can do. That sense of freedom proves the amount of time put into this. I bet you that the coding and programming behind this is massive.

Details/Polish - Although it could use a few rough, black and white pictures for that extra bit of professionalism, this game is well written, has a great text style, a proper 'help' page (really detailed too, well done!) and the text was well spaced and distributed, so you wouldn't have to read for a few minutes before reaching the last bit.

Entertainment - All of the above contributed to a well earned 5. I don't know what happened, why there are no reviews, but an amazing game. Even if I haven't finished it, boy, is this a killer game!

This game is my type. Probably many others that play this will think 'Yeuch, what a horrible game!' and 'Who does Odie_da_Bossé think he is, writing full on reviews, he hasn't even published a proper game yet!' but remember, you've got my vote. I will have a look and see what else you have in store for me in the future. Happy game making!

Review for Your World!
24 Dec 2014
You chose Kevin Macleod's music for a good purpose, well done; your music that you chose suited the scenarios! Although it's a shallow game, it was great trying out different disasters, and what would happen! Waiting for an update or sequel!

Uh... is this meant to be a game?

Yes, I know it's meant to be a short game, but come on, what do you think? If you are gonna spend 5 minutes on a game, then is it worth anything? Nuh, don't think so. So in short, never make games that take 5 minutes, you are just going to get bad ratings.

And why did you write @#?! you @#!hole on one of SivD1's games? Is it something to do with a review or comment he made?

Review for Fatal Island Part 1
20 Dec 2014
Really great, Renagrade. The text wasn't to lengthy, a sense of rush and urgency was within the game; I liked it. Want more!

Review for Forward and Back
18 Dec 2014
Really, really good idea, MarcoSoft.

For all those who don't understand the game, you can't win with one player. More than one player is needed for this game. Player with highest dice roll wins. That simple.

Review for Treasure Island
03 Nov 2014
3 - OK

The perfect explanation. The concept is very original, I like it. Attention to details like colours and backgrounds, or even noises would be perfect. Also, less lives would be great, about 5, because 15 lives is way too much.

I know the tutorials are complicated, but if you keep at it, you will 'strike gold'.

Review for Mario Adventures
03 Nov 2014
Simple but effective.

It would be awesome if you included more options, like a mini games thing or something...

Something fresh, y'know.

Review for Doge Quest
02 Oct 2014

Some commands don't work, and it would be a lot better if there were pictures. All you do is go in a castle, and then... that's it.

01 Oct 2014
Nice game. Still needs future updates, like the colour scheme, etc. For some reason I didn't find it as fun... maybe it's just me?

Whu? Is that your sister or your second account, or some random stranger? Cuz that's really catching my attention, there.


Review for Tic-Tac-Toe
01 Oct 2014
Good game!

Lovely idea. But you could still add a few more things in the next update, like a colour scheme, or tournaments. Little things like these make a game enjoyable.

Review for Claws
30 Sep 2014
Hahaha loved it!

Your writing is very intriguing and addictive to read. The colours worked, and liked your ending. This is probably the only five I've given to a game. Congrats!

Also, this is kind of a reverse story to my game, Cookie Monster Simulator. Check it out when you have time!

28 Sep 2014
Good. I like the basis on real life, you put lots of great detail in the game. The spacing was well done, so well done!

Review for All in a day
22 Sep 2014
Although I have grudges against cats, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Great detail in your writing. But you didn't quite have enough action at the start - doing this will make the reader alive and want to keep reading, excited for more action. Other than that, everything was really well done. Excited for more!

22 Sep 2014
Very fun and easy to read, for those who don't want to scan those five million word passages. Good measurement of length - any longer would be boring.

The only thing I'll warn you about is the easiness. Sure, it's great to feel like your the best of the game, but if it's too easy, there isn't a point. Put a twist or two in it and it'll be the unexpected!

20 Sep 2014
Liked the concept. I understand you had no time for a test run, but a few things that would make this easier and a lot more fun are missing...

An example is spacing. You need to make large passages into paragraphs, otherwise the reader will fall asleep. Also, you need to be more specific in how to use something, and descriptions for items, for further clues.

On the plus side, you have a great writing talent. I immediately recognised the writing strategies used in your work; things like a new line between each speech.

As well as cons, there are pros. So good luck in your next game!

Review for Black Ops: Five
13 Sep 2014
Hm... I might be a little harsh... but it seems that this story is too short. Great idea with the introductory video, it added some understanding. But choosing a character didn't make a difference, and there were only a few links. This should be in the sandpit.

Review for Mew cats
07 Sep 2014
Not bad for a grade 4. This story has a lot of content, so keep at it!

07 Sep 2014
The english was not nearly good enough...

Also, needs more content.

Fix these up and you'll have the best minecraft remake ever!

Review for The Test
06 Sep 2014
This is good. I know some of these questions from the impossible quiz. Luckily not all of them were from there!

Review for Soccer knowledge
02 Sep 2014
Hm... not much attention to display and objects. I think more time on revising the details would make this game better. Please do this, because you'll get more plays and better reviews.

Review for Soccer career
01 Sep 2014
I'm a fan of soccer, so you grabbed me from the start. This is one of the better games I've played, so well done!

Review for Shock in the Cinema
01 Sep 2014
I am basing this review on that it his your first game.

Not bad!

Hasn't made a game yet, so don't worry about him :)

Review for Nova's Day Out
31 Aug 2014
It's as if you are an actual kitten - well done! For a five, there would of been more attention to backgrounds - map would of made this a lot better. Great game, none the less. :)

Review for The Spare Set
21 Aug 2014
I liked it. Although, I think a slight bit more action should give it fives all round! But by me, the story was excellent. Doing great! Can't wait for more.

Oh, I think how the text fades in, but I can't work it out! If you could reply to me on how, that'd be awesome!

19 Aug 2014
I was unsure how to rate this at first - it was pretty shallow, and didn't really have an ending. But I think the content was pretty entertaining, so I'm looking forward to more of you!

Review for Sir ChickenBiscuit
19 Aug 2014
A very simple, yet funny story - coming from a ten year old, I feel under average my age group! ;) Keep at it, I'm sure you'll have a very successful career... okay, you might not be the next Roald Dahl, but if you dedicate yourself to this, you have to do one thing - gimme half your earnings for listening to this inspiring speech thing!

Review for The Mansion II
19 Aug 2014
It's very smart. I'm currently making some games, and I think you've given me some ideas.