Marooned (Two Men And A Cat) by The Drummerman

Your name is Gus Slayton and You are the captain of the USS Armstrong, the first ship to use warp drive.
You and your crew have just completed a four year trip to the nearest star system of Proxima Centauri.
you made orbit around the fifth planet in the stars solar system and were preparing to land when a major malfunction caused you to abandon ship.
As far as you know the rest of your crew made it out safely but what happened after that you can only guess?
You find yourself alone on this new planet wondering if a life in space travel was really a good career move?
Last update 10/11/2020.
Fault with flaming torch corrected 30/01/2021

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Written by
The Drummerman

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 29 Oct 2020
Updated 27 Apr 2021