First Times by Hero Robb

I highly recommend downloading this as to playing it in the browser because glitches surface in online play and the original music I wrote for it doesn't seem to work in the online play either.
This is my first foray into IF, so be gentle. I used a simplified language for inputs on this game. You pretty much only need to type look, take, use "whatever" (on "whatever"), go (north/east/south/west), and read. You awaken in what appears to be a hospital. Good luck.

Edit: Now uploaded is version 1.1 with numerous bug fixes and clarifications.

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Review by LemonDemon_
05 Mar 2021
It's a good horror text adventure game... especially if its the developer's first foray into IF...
Now I do have to say, sometimes it would bug out slightly when I entered something into the command bar, making the response time a bit slow...
But other then that, the sound effects are competent, the story feels eerie, etc...
So yeah, if you want to pass the time, give this game a go... :>

Review by M̶T̶
01 Dec 2020
You use a scalpel on the doll then spider will come out then you drop the egg of feed the egg to the spiders.

Review by charlie_kb
28 Sep 2017
This is an incredibly atmospheric game, 10/10 for the sound, kept me unnerved the whole way through. Excellent job!

Review by Jfulls002
01 Sep 2017
This was the first IF text adventure I ever played, when I was about 12, and it scared the S**t out of me, but I loved it. Still love it at 18

Review by GameofChocolate
18 Jul 2017
It's a super awesome, fun, and creepy game. But with the hundred thousand freezes I gave up. Awesome job on the writing though. Very dark and twisted. :)

Review by emmodii
28 Mar 2017
Admittedly, I'm not done with the game (At the part where the hallway blacks out and the doll is chasing me and I left it at that part because I need a damn breather first), but so far, I think I've played enough to say this has been absolutely AMAZING so far. It's the only horror text adventure I've played so far that managed to scare and freak the absolute Hell out of me.

The sounds are a very nice touch to it and definitely add in to the creep factor, and it hasn't been done in excess so far, so it's still creepy and definitely not overdone.

I'm a little loss at some parts, so I look around for hints others have put online, but I can definitely say so far that it has been amazing.

Review by ShiolawlzLawliet
11 Sep 2015
This game was very interesting, though I ended up not finishing it. I had followed a walkthrough for the second part, but i couldn't get something to happen, so i quit. I know that this is probably just something I didn't do, so over all, awesome game! ^^

Review by nathans
15 Apr 2015
I woke up then got stuck. I think i broke it when i ate the gurney

Review by Scarlett Phantom
01 Apr 2015
This game was challenging at times, but amazing. I liked the different endings, and how some things stayed the same in all of them. There were definitely times that creeped me out, like when the character was in the booth and the woman came out. The sound effects there were especially nice.

At times, the game would freeze and I'd have to refresh the page and start from my last save point. Also, it would've been nice to know where we were, just to get a better idea of who we are and what we're doing.

And people, if you play this on the internet (IDK about the app), you can save. Take advantage of that!

Review by DaNiX88
11 Mar 2015
A very good game, and quite difficult. The sounds are very eerie and the storyline is written in a way that's chilling to the bone. I quite like how there are 4 different endings and together, add some extra detail to the background story.

My only problem is that we were not able to fully understand the backstory and figure out just what we are or where we are, though the theme is horror, so doesn't take away from the whole game since it was thrilling for its entirety.

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