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Reviews by Jfulls002

Review for EELTAIL
07 Sep 2017
Quite difficult, but very rewarding! just long enough duration (number of treasures) to keep me interested until at least the ninth treasure, and the ending is quite the plot twist. A great game by Mick Green, hope we see more like it in the future.

Review for Mermaid Bay
01 Sep 2017
Good game, Only bad part was the sarcastic comments that threw me off from the last goal.

Review for First Times
01 Sep 2017
This was the first IF text adventure I ever played, when I was about 12, and it scared the S**t out of me, but I loved it. Still love it at 18

Review for Room Serial
29 Aug 2017
I loved the S**T out of this game. Perfect

Review for Photopia
28 Aug 2017
F**k you. Just F**k you. You literally ripped out my heart and trampled it. I am now dead. This was utterly fantastic with just the right amount of suspense, everything coming together eventually in one beautiful montage, just to have the world come crashing down in flames. Seriously F**k you. This was amazing.

Review for 69,105 Keys
21 Aug 2017
It takes a minute to figure out, but I do wish it took more than two categories to find it

Review for The Lost Scroll
02 Dec 2016
Another homerun for Peter Edwards.

Review for The Enchanted Glade
15 Oct 2016
Very clever game. One thing stops me from giving five stars, and that is the forest mechanics. While in the forest, going east and then back west does not take you back the same way, instead it sends you to an entirely different section. Another game which I hated, called ZORK, had a very similar problem, although it was for the whole game, while this is just in one section. otherwise, it was perfect.

12 Oct 2016
fantastic overall