Bot One Demo by FaceNuggets

So this took me 30 mins and I wanted to see if anyone likes it. If you do tell me. I might make another. This is my first game.

Made in Squiffy 5.0.
Review by Ozzy S.T.
08 Apr 2016
The two start rating here reflects my opinion on the game as a finished product, which as you can see from the reviews below, is extremely short. As in, 4 or 5 sentences and it's done.
As a first game by the author, I'll give it a three star "Ok" rating, but mainly because FaceNuggets is honest in saying this only took 30 minutes to make. However, I can't agree with the author's statement when he/she says "I wanted to see if anyone likes it. (...) I might make another", because - with all due respect - there is nothing here that tells us what you can do. This game consists only of a couple of sentences put together without any thought in regards to story, plot, characters, atmosphere, or anything really.
In short, it's like someone writing two random sentences on a postcard and asking us to say if we like it, and if we like it then the author will write a book. It's impossible to judge your talent from this exercise.
I do, however, honestly want to see more of FaceNuggets' work, and I hope this comment encourages the author to go for it and present us with a taste of what he/she can actually come up with.
Thank you FaceNuggets.

Review by minecraftpsyco99
02 Mar 2016
I'll be interested for what more will be added, but it seems pretty short. Consider longer passages and using @clear to clear the screen. Let me know if you ever finish it, I'll be happy to check it out!

Review by Book Lord
29 Feb 2016
I was really short and you die either way, but if you made it longer and have some more endings I definitely would play it. Good job for your first game though!

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