Space Scums by RobotBand

Space Scums 1: The Rescuing of Prince Custard is an illustrated text adventure in which you, Lizard Captain Barry Bostic embarks on an intergalactic odyssey across space to save King Flea's precious son. Visit planets such as Keeto, Anthanel, and Oo, searching for the famed monarch, every clue leading you closer to Prince Custard.

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Review by DragonMaster78
31 Jan 2021
Graphics style is attractive.
A notable error I find in a lot of games is "take" and "use" verbs that do nothing on objects that frankly shouldn't have them at all. Redd, a NPC in a capsule bigger than you, has a "take" verb. So does Robot.

Game froze at one point and refused to load.


Review by Savio
15 Aug 2020
Great interface, style and humour. Loved it.

Review by broadwaydude
25 Jun 2020
I love the graphics. A very fun and simple game. I really was a space scum.

Review by JonQ
06 May 2020
This game is awesome. Quirky on purpose, and yet very well designed sequence of travels to various worlds. The drawings kept me smiling the entire time. Makes you want to keep exploring to see what each port of call has to offer. Keeto shows up in this author's next game, too, so maybe we have a nice mythos brewing! The writing in this game is clever and amusing. My only complaint is that I looked at the suit in Von Deru's palace, and so it said he gave it to me. Then when I traveled where I needed it, it was not in my inventory. But still, this game is a winner, and I'll be back for more!

Review by Tinuchi
24 Apr 2020
What a polished and impressive game this is! It has a unique graphic for every place, and includes an interesting story with fun game play. Incredible effort on a good game. Would definitely recommend

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