Sammy by theverbaltypo

"Sammy" is a mother's story, but it is far from a normal one.
Review by emmodii
27 Mar 2017
Predictable, but I suppose writing from "the bad guy"'s point of view is not something you see every day. Awfully short, might have given an okay rating if it had been longer with more details though, maybe then the reader could have more time to get immersed into the story.

The protagonist's intent was already pretty obvious, in my opinion. If the story was longer, perhaps it should have taken a little while longer to slowly reveal her twisted mind. Perhaps then it would have been more of a surprise.

Review by SadTea
24 Jan 2017
Please make a sequel, this was delightful.

Review by Takuto
21 Nov 2016
I didn't understand it initially until I read through each choice and found out that the woman keeps taking kids from the street, she crazy. This is really great.

Review by Icelime
21 Oct 2016
It was written well, story, was another story.
the kid went through a little too much, but I guess that was the storyline.

Review by ShaneZ
17 Jun 2016
FANTASTIC writing, and a wonderful plot twist I didn't even expect. I really loved it, great job. Only reason I'm rating it a 4 is because it's so short. Good game, though.

Review by CatDragon
15 May 2016
You can only really be shocked if you go the bakers street route first (Or whatever it's called), and THEN North Avenue. Otherwise, it's kinda done with one ending. But still good idea.

Review by Hubble315
04 May 2016
That was an interesting story. I got to the caleb part first time around and i was confused, but then I tried some other endings and I totally got it. Wow.

Review by Laufeia
29 Apr 2016
Well written but short.

Review by LemonCheesecake
16 Apr 2016
absolutely amazing.

Review by Ozzy S.T.
07 Apr 2016
I wish everyone would understand how absolutely amazing this little story is simply from the word "wow". Because that's what I kept saying, over and over, after I finished this short intercative game. Wow. What a story.
I'm so impressed with this work, theverbaltypo, geeez. It's so straight to the point, no beating around the bush. Just, bam. You start reading it and in a couple minutes... it's done.
And you're left in your chair, contemplating the screen, asking yourself "why... why is it over already...".
Gosh. Thank you for this injection of "incredibleness".
P.S. If you are reading this but haven't played "Sammy" yet, stop now. Click that nice big green button up there that reads "PLAY" :-)

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