The Hunger. V 1 by Mango art

Recently a virus developed in a small town in Louisiana, a few miles east of New Orleans.
It has the contagious effect of the common cold, it has the deadliness of smallpox, but has a unique set of symptoms. Stage one takes place an hour after infection, it just feels like a cold. Stage two takes place 2 hours later, the patient begins to experience nausea and projectile vomiting. Stage 3 takes place an hour later, they display severe mental illness symptoms, a fever, delirium, the chills, and many other things, they resort to mumbling nonsense. Stage 4, after 2 hours of this, is the second to last stage, they become incredibly angry, dumb, and chaotic, they chant and freak out for a while before falling asleep abruptly. Stage 5, the worst stage, is after an hour of sleep. They wake up with a slow heart rate, a cold body, pale skin, bloodshot eyes, and slow decay. Another symptom is displayed as well, they lose all empathy, intelligence, and gain 2 things. Anger and Hunger. You are an ordinary person with a dog and a room mate. Quick! Make it to a safe house!

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Review by DaNiX88
13 Jul 2015
The writing was mediocre, but the "make-the-single-right-choice-or-game-over" without a save point renders the game nearly unplayable. I was interested in playing several routes, but clearly, the writer has a one-track story going on, and if you don't follow that, it's a game over. This isn't a "choose-your-own adventure," but merely a "search-for-the-right-choices-in-order-to-see-the-whole-story-I-wrote." Sorry for the harshness, but I was really disappointed and quit playing the game near the beginning out of utter frustration.

Better luck on your next game. If you can, please try to create several paths and "correct" choices.

Review by lukehowler
10 Jul 2015
sounds like it would have been a great story, but its literally just one right choice, and the rest are wrong. gave up after "dying" 20 times just at the beginning.

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Mango art

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 04 Jul 2015