Warrior Cats: Rainkit by CraftyKat

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You are Rainkit of WindClan, trying to become the best warrior you can be!

Feedback is greatly appreciated as this is my first gamebook. Enjoy!

Vesion 1.8

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Review by Thunderclan Fan!!
14 Aug 2019
I loved the game so far! It has a lot of potential and i cant wait for you to finish it! I also cant wait to see your creativity!
Such a fan of warrior cats! ❤️

Review by Catlover4life
09 Jun 2019
This is good given I am very picky. This is impressive for your first project

Review by Warriorcats908
06 May 2019
It is such a great game, I love it. Great job on creating something so great as your first project. Can't wait to see more of your wonderful game.

Review by Lovepaw
26 Mar 2019
Finish it soon plzzzz. Add romance to plz..

Review by Krystallix3
03 Mar 2019
This game could have potential. It’s sad how all the pathways end at the same thing though. Diversity is very important in making a good game. You did add more context and a different way before Rainkit becomes an apprentice, but that is all. You did make a good storyline though, even if it is not an original place, and even though it isn’t a more significant story, you made it reasonable.

You ended the game on an abrupt note. You could atleast add a note telling the player that the game is finished and will not be added to, or you could make it smooth into an ending easier. I also saw some spelling errors.
This could have been a great game, you just needed to put some more effort into it.

Review by ThinkB4UHitMe123
07 Nov 2018
LOVE IT!!!! -Fan Girls-

Review by BloodyHeart
13 Jun 2018
I like it!Please finish! And also, I just started and I have a question: when you were making this, did you put it down as text adventure or gamebook?

Review by Heartmist
05 Jun 2018
Question why is this in the sandpit. It's way more than that

Review by EchoShine2
01 Apr 2018
This is a great start! I enjoyed it! I’m new here and wanted to know how to do it...I don’t understand.

Review by ShinyBaby Umbreon
31 Mar 2018
I love it for what it is developed as so far .Continue on it pleaaassee

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