Reviews by Krystallix3

08 Mar 2019
Great game! The amount of writing and dialogue is better than most Warriors games currently. The game could be added onto with extra things to do. I know it might not be how you want because you may have already decided the story early on though, so I won’t add that to my rating. I’m sure the sequel will be just as good, if not better. The game could still be made better, but it’s still great.
The game has good wishes from me!

04 Mar 2019
This is a great game, cwquinn! It is very informational, and is a fun game to explore through. It was correct to put the ‘educational’ category on this game. It’s very kind of you to spread awareness to big cat hunting as well. This likely took awhile to code, especially with all the options and big cats available. Thank you for taking the time to make this game, and I applaud you for how good it turned out.

Review for Warrior RP Cat
04 Mar 2019
This was a great game! It’s very detailed, and has many different available choices that give great diversity. You could definitely fix some spelling errors, and should have a better description for the game, but otherwise, it turned out great. The storyline may be very simple, but it is complete, realistic, and fun to go through. I think it doesn’t have any other flaws than what I listed, in my opinion. Good job, WarriorMeow!

Review for Warrior Cats
03 Mar 2019
This game is good. It was fairly short though, and everything went by very fast. There was only one major event, and then the rest of the event so were only small pieces about Violetflame’s life. You forgot to expand further on the elder bush fight, it ends blankly without having an end like the nursery fight pathways.
The game description is very short. You could add things to it, such as some of Violetflame’s family and friends, some context, or foreshadowing for what is going to happen in the game.
The good ending is very abrupt. It isn’t where there is plain no end like some games, but it just speeds by. I hope this feedback helps for both users and you, Creeper Archer.

Review for Warrior Cat RPG
03 Mar 2019
This is a great game, even if it’s just starting out. I can tell that you put a lot of hard work into it, and I understand how much pressure it is to want to do everything the best you can to make others happy, especially online. This game has much potential, and I believe a great path ahead for it :3
You made a good choice adding so many playable characters, and you have a good storyline. The grammar is a bit off sometimes though. Adding your own photo for the game picture was a good thing to do, it should attract more people! I suggest for the game description that you give a basic description of the clan’s territory.
Also, if you feel overwhelmed at all with all your ideas, write out the story first. Put all the pathways and the major events. It should help you out. You could also ask some people to help you plan and keep the story together.
I hope this helps, and that it was good feedback. Keep it up, BlueBarren. This game has good potential!