Wanderlust by Lageron

It's mostly a prologue for what might be coming. I'm new to this but i want to try it anyway. So anyway, you're a Farmers boy, oldest of your siblings in fact, and you have been told from young age that you are to inherit the farm when they die. This is the life you always have lived. And it's the very same life which takes you abroad. Theres ways to die and ways to survive. If i get good comments and such, i will continue the story and implement things like battle, more branching, romance maybe, more ways to die, and even more! It might just be a story from a newbie, but i think it got potential. BTW, just like you know.... it's in medieval times...
Review by GameofChocolate
31 May 2017
That moment you die because you were not informed that continuing to run would result in your clumsiness then without any choice you drown in rain. Lame.

Review by gamersguy80
29 Apr 2016
I rate it a two

Review by British Brony
20 Apr 2016
While I absolutely failed and died on my first attempt, I must commend this game, for I can appreciate the time it must take to make this game. While some grammatical errors did exist, barring me from giving a full 5 star, I must say this game is incredibly solid. It deserves more positive attention, and I feel (referring to other reviewers) rating this one star is completely unfair.
Good day!

Review by Joseph Rivett
30 Jan 2016
I'm really sorry I have to leave this bad review, but I couldn't even make it through the first few pages. It looked like it had promise but it is riddled with spelling mistakes. Very basic ones too. I do not recommend this adventure to anyone

Review by No1Looks4Me
09 Dec 2015
Even though I died immediatly I enjoyed every second of it. 8/10

Review by Cthulchu
09 Oct 2015
Not really a game, but the endings are funny.

Review by TheOfficialMoose
02 Oct 2015

Review by myusername
26 Mar 2015
I liked this story. I hope you continue with it. I could do without the explicit language though. Other than that, I think it's very good.

Review by MADDOG50K
24 Dec 2014
really enjoyed it the longer the stories the better and definitely add battles romance etc. i look forward to continueing this story

Review by Threwit
13 Nov 2014
Really good, great grammar and spelling. I hope you finish this project for all to see!


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