Warriors Cats: Fantasy by goodbunny2

Unfinished Project. Discontinued and Glitchy
Do you have an OC you'd like to feature in this game? Comment it down to join the story! **Don't include age or description. You give them up to me, I decide what their fate will be.**
**You can't choose your warrior last name. If that's not enough, your suffix will be chosen depending on how you progress the storyline. (ex. Skyclaw, if you choose to battle alot)**
I am working hard. The first part of the story should be done in a couple days.
The final parts of the story will take a while.
I'll speed it up if someone requests.
Some parts of the story are confusing or not good with grammer.
The story is promised to have a whole buttload of options, constantly, and exciting moments to be built off of. I'm spectating it'll take about - two months
to finish it? It'll be divied into parts, ex. Part one, two, and three, and alot more :)
The "parts" will not mean separate games. It'll be one massive game, though playing as "Sky" will be possibly part ten on my list, atleast.

That above was the original desc.
-None of this applies, now that i dismissed the storyline-
It's still playable to anyone who's interested. You can redo the story, if you care,


Glitches kept happening, and I lost a month's worth of coding. Hah. Yeah, sorry everyone.
None yet!
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