Empire of the sinking sun by chrisb184

A classic RPG gamebook
IMPORTANT NOTE- This is an alpha version, changes are constantly being made and various features and changes are yet to happen. The game is being published in order to receive feedback to decide which changes should be made. Any feedback about combat balance would be appreciated as trying to get the balance right has been challenging.

I am searching for a team in order to make this text adventure and future projects into functioning games or apps, if you want to be part of this team then please contact me at [email protected]

Azengoth, a city once brimming with a busy and prosperous population now resembles a dark wasteland as the forces of chaos have consumed the land. These forces, now commanded by a being known only as the Overlord, the black fire mage, have plunged the bright lands of Azengoth into darkness as the sun itself seems to shy away from these now dark lands. Rumour is that the Overlord is planning an attack over the walls that have separated Azengoth and Arangate for many centuries. A hero is needed to cleanse these lands of darkness and restore light in these troubled times. You are that hero. You must battle your way through these treacherous lands and vanquish the Ovelord by plunging the dagger of light through his blackened heart.

For this game you will need somewhere to record your stats, inventory, mana and health. Also a 6 sided dice.
You may consume 1 provision every time a new option is selected if you have any. Each provision you consume will restore 3 health.
Spend gold wisely as there are very few chances to obtain more.
Use mana carefully as there are very few chances to restore it.

Melee Damage = Strength + Dice roll + Weapon power - Enemy armour
If either the player or the opponent's total damage dealt is less than the armour of the combatant which they are attacking then remove two from the combatant who is being attacked's armour rating each time this happens.
The player's armour rating is restored at the end of the fight
Spell Damage = Intelligence+ Dice roll + Spell power - Enemy resistance
You can cast a spell or attack each turn.
Combatant with the highest agility attacks first. If agility is equal then the player attacks first.

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Review by Marsypwn
02 Apr 2018
I enjoyed this. It crashed maybe once or twice nothing a few saves along the way didn't fix. It flowed nicely, I liked that it was basically single player DnD.

Review by ERER456123
11 Aug 2017
I think it would have been fun but It glitched and didn't let me get past pick a class.

Review by gamersguy80
27 Nov 2016
It was really good :)

Review by snazzy ray
22 Nov 2016
This game is really fun but all the weapon power for the monsters is too low.

Review by Swordsman42
23 Aug 2015
It doesn't let me choose a class even though there are classes in the game, Fix it please

Review by Gaim145
15 Aug 2015
This game was seriously fun, but I beat the Overlord in 2 turns and the game without dying, do I would say add some stronger enemies to the game and bulk up the Overlord's stats and you would have a Fantastic game.

Review by FloconSugar
09 May 2015
That was a great game for sure ! I died 2 times and then beat it yay !
The overlord was easy to beat because I had 6 basic strength (appears that I'm lucky with dice) add the warrior bonus, the battle axe and some scrolls that upgraded my weapon -> 14 damage
But still, it was awesome !
Maybe you should add some weapons for wizards and clerics though. Honestly I did not use any spell cause I had not that much intelligence in the end... (not telling that I'm silly)

Review by Frankenshine
19 Apr 2015
just what I was looking for

Review by Mypetdalek
06 Mar 2015
Not bad, but the game didn't tell me to note down the effects of my spells and so I had to start over. It would be a lot more convenient for the reader/player if you used scripts to track items.

Review by GJ
17 Feb 2015
Really good game! I love the dice-system and the writhing.
Very well done!

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