9:05 by Adam Cadre

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Review by Weatoku
03 Jan 2020
nice game.
29 moves and i died.... NICE!

Review by Natloud
18 May 2018
Really great! Perfect twist!

Review by pi-rightponderer
27 Nov 2017
Well, that was quite a twist! I played this three times and got three different endings, so there is definitely some replay value, despite it being a short adventure. I love that once you realize your situation, all of the seemingly random details make sense. I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a short, humorous - and maybe slightly disturbing - adventure.

Review by undertalefan35
15 Jan 2017
It's really great but complex! Other than that. It's real great!

Review by Abbyacious
13 Jan 2017
Chilling. That's all I can say. Don't check under the bed during your first run through.

Review by James Halliday
19 Dec 2016
Nothing I can say that everyone else hasn't!

Review by sandman42
11 Dec 2016
Seemed simple, wanted to see where it was going then BAM! restarted the game just had to check... it really happened... very eerie! must give it a run through

Review by ShiolawlzLawliet
15 Oct 2016
I got a bit lost at first, but once i saw "check under the bed"-

Nice twist, nice twist. I must say that I would have never suspected such a thing from a seemingly simple game like this.

04 Oct 2016
one of the best I've played :)

Review by feWE
21 Aug 2016

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Written by
Adam Cadre
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Published 03 Jan 2000
Listing added 12 Jan 2014

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