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Reviews by Natloud

Review for 9:05
18 May 2018
Really great! Perfect twist!

Review for Thyme
30 Apr 2018
Loved this one! Logical and fun puzzles and great story line.

Review for The Tree
27 Apr 2018
Really enjoyed this game. Very unique setting and story line. I agree with all that sarah4 has said in her review. Puzzles were well thought out - had to take a break a couple of times to think them through but could eventually figure them out. Great game!

27 Mar 2018
Really fun game with just the right amount of challenge to make it thought provoking but still enjoyable.

22 Aug 2017
Engaging, addictive and exciting!

Review for The Piskie
27 Jun 2017
Loved this one! I really enjoy peeling back the layers of each scene and discovering things. Great game!

Review for Mermaid Bay
16 Jun 2017
Very intricate, great game. Thoroughly enjoyed! (Not for the impatient!)

Review for The Lost Scroll
15 Jun 2017
Really intriguing, detailed and addictive. Great game!

Thanks Sarah!