The Deer Trail by DarkForestMedia

It is a chilly and grey October day; perfect weather for an afternoon hunt. You exit your truck and head down the trail towards a deer blind you had set up a few weeks earlier while scouting the forest. A thick fog hangs in the air, making visibility difficult. As the leaves crunch underneath your feet, you decide that you must hurry North to the blind, as you only have a few hours until dark.

But when the darkness consumes the forest, you find yourself tracking an elusive buck through a maze of deer trails. Deep within the trail, a horrifying revelation awaits you.

The Deer Trail is a classic parser-style text adventure. It was created in two weeks for the 2021 Ectocomp game jam by Justin Squires (@darkforestmedia).

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Review by JonQ
05 Nov 2021
I haven't finished this game yet, but I have really enjoyed exploring this strange and haunting farmland. The sequences I've played are the type of game I had wanted to make myself at one time, but never got around to it. I am impressed with the writing and the level of detail. It is a fair set of challenges with sufficient clues, and lots of chilling atmosphere. This has been a pleasure to play, and I hope to return soon and solve it!

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Published 02 Nov 2021
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