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21 Jul 2014
Honestly, I didn't expect much of this game, so I chose the zaniest answer, and there was absolutely NO regret!

The fact that it was in this category made me assume that it would not be, in the slightest, comedic. HOWEVER -- Most outcomes were! Perhaps it's just my childish sense of humor, and I'll try not to spoil the endings, but I'll just say that I proposed, and was met with probably one of the best answers ever. I sensed a hint of sexism there, but it was funny and somewhat sensible, so I'm not complaining.

Yet, the fact that the story did lack structure, transitions, and over-all professionalism is what kept me from rating this game a five. It could be so much more! But it looks like the author was simply having fun, and that's definitely something to be encouraged.

Review for The Shootery
20 Jul 2014
I want to say that the essence of the overall story would have provided as interesting - HOWEVER -- there are a few literary and grammatical elemental errors that made the story either

a) Hard to Understand -or-
b) A Bit Annoying

Now, the game was average, it seems like this might be one of the creators first games, but I wouldn't be too harsh in that instance.

Also, note to the creator, if you go to "run a script" you can switch the "Game State" to "Game Over" - That way, when the player chooses a dead-end, they know that the Game is over; rather than sitting in confusion. Perhaps expecting a timer or other unexpected function to happen.

Otherwise, the game itself could use some work, but it's a great concept! I mean, that's why I clicked on it in the first place! :)