The Shootery by camper2

You are in a mansion there are guards chasing you,will you survive and get out the mansion before they get you?

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Review by Nexus Scriptsmith
20 Jul 2014
I want to say that the essence of the overall story would have provided as interesting - HOWEVER -- there are a few literary and grammatical elemental errors that made the story either

a) Hard to Understand -or-
b) A Bit Annoying

Now, the game was average, it seems like this might be one of the creators first games, but I wouldn't be too harsh in that instance.

Also, note to the creator, if you go to "run a script" you can switch the "Game State" to "Game Over" - That way, when the player chooses a dead-end, they know that the Game is over; rather than sitting in confusion. Perhaps expecting a timer or other unexpected function to happen.

Otherwise, the game itself could use some work, but it's a great concept! I mean, that's why I clicked on it in the first place! :)

Review by Punisher
20 Jul 2014
Really short. Would have been better if there was more to it.

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