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Review for Shrunk at the Pool
13 Jan 2022
Come back

09 Dec 2021
Pretty decent. The fatal endings are too short for my liking. You should add Valerie from the comics, she's great.

06 Dec 2021
Really good. The RPG elements are enjoyable, in most of these games you have complete control over the outcome, so it's a nice change of pace, it could be a little easier though. I really hope you continue it.

Lots of variety, well written. Waiting for your next game.

22 Nov 2021
Just dropping a review to counteract this unfunny tryhard. Seems like it's some obsessive loser, I don't know what set him off about this game in particular. You might want to reupload this game to avoid the reviewbomb though.

Review for Shrunken at a Club
14 Nov 2021
Quite a good game. Well written, descriptive.
My only complaints are:
I found the need to collect so many items to get to mamy interactions rather tedious. I mostly play online and can't open saves, I guess it's mostly a me problem.
Some interactions are rather risky, many ways to just randomly die by doing something wrong, again mostly a problem when someone plays online, pretty avoidable with saves. I just wish I could use the undo button after a game over, oh well. Good to see that you're making games again.


09 Nov 2021
Very good. No clue why it doesn't have any reviews yet, hope you update it despite that.

08 Nov 2021
More of the manager would be great, particularly vore. I'd love if she saw the main character and thought he was a bug and did cruel things to him. I know you mostly do unaware but aware scenes with her would be increadible. Eagerly awaiting for more.