Quest of the tiny (V0.3) by Leah_size

(Note: This game is 18+ NSFW featuring lewd content involving shrinking, Giantess, and vore)

(Update: This project has been discontinued, it is no longer the kind of game I wish to work on. Apologies to everyone who enjoyed my game thus far.)

(Warning: Any files from v0.2 are NO LONGER COMPATIBLE with the game in it's current state. Please delete them. Future updates will likely remain compatable with files in the current update, but I could not avoid breaking save files with this update.)

This is a size based text adventure/rpg that I've been working on as a personal project for a while now.

You play as a boy or girl who's been given a quest by a mysterious angelic figure to defeat a great evil... while only a few inches tall! In order to progress, you will have to gain the attention of some girls, now significantly larger then you. This will usually result in getting into an encounter with them, where you have to escape or do something else, or potentially be at the girls mercy, with occasionally fatal consequences. This game features RPG like combat, as well as elements of exploration. Some problems will have multiple solutions.

This game now has a discord server! Join it for discussion of the game, and for updates on the progress of future updates.
Invite link:


-Added the area outside the door (featuring two new girls)
-Changed battle numbers from pure numeric display to health bars (with some animation)
-Background color changes in certain scenes
-Made some improvements to the framework of the battle system
-Changed the thresholds for reaching certain body parts on Jennifer's climbing encounter (The difficulty of the encounter as a whole is unchanged.)
-Added a title screen and patch notes

-Game created
-Inventory system created
-Equipment system created
-Battle system created
-Added one girl
Review by Txtadventurer
06 Dec 2021
Really good. The RPG elements are enjoyable, in most of these games you have complete control over the outcome, so it's a nice change of pace, it could be a little easier though. I really hope you continue it.

Review by lobito2
05 Sep 2021
lo probare

Review by golden ray
11 Jan 2021
I think this one besides 2 others are my main ones to go too. This is an extremely fun and adventurous game, where nothing is exactly determined. I think the only thing I would be wondering about is what is to come next, and so with that, I have nothing negative to say~! I hope that if you end up reading this, that your day is swell, and only gets better~!

Review by Tiny Alex
10 Dec 2020
Good game, really , but I agree with those who think the RNG is too wild. So many times I reached vistory, only to be pushed back or killed by random events. It's not fun t be honest. I mean, staying stuck in Jennifer's vagina is fun, the Sabrina part not so much. And I do understand how the fighting works, I've spent a lot of time playing this. But still, way too random. I don't mind difficulty, but this is ridiculous. Still, great game, thanks for the story, wish I could relpay the "fun" part of the Jennifer's interaction.

Review by GR
13 May 2020
I think this game is amazing! It is difficult until you know what you're doing/until you figure out a good grinding strategy to level up. I love it and hope you update soon!

Review by Oceanman006
12 May 2020
Great blend between fun gameplay and fanservice. What else could you want from a fetish game?

Review by dronglegong
03 May 2020
My personal favorite on this site, it was really difficult at first but once i figured out the gameplay a bit more i was able to get onto the desk by climbing Jennifer. speaking of Jennifer, i really like her character and the dialogue you get with her when you return to her after getting her to open the door. i hope the next update has more interactions with her, whenever you return to the game

Review by Duskdraak
18 Apr 2020
This is a really amazing game. And the rpg system works perfectly. I hope to see future updates.

11 Dec 2019
Well made game, the combat really isn't that difficult if you spend more than two seconds trying to learn it. Definitely like the rpg aspect of it.

Review by Sklumpkin
09 Dec 2019
If this high quality is kept up through updates this might end up being the best Giantess text game on the internet, actually it might already be.

The people complaining about difficulty just sound like they've got a horny lizard brains that are making them mash buttons and not focus on the scenes. The game is at a perfect difficulty in my opinion, and can be gotten through pretty easily so long as you examine all of your options and equip the right items.

Basically, 10/10. Hits all the right marks.

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