Reviews by xJujiiiix

Review for Zork
26 Apr 2015
To hard and you can hardly do anything...
Quite boring.
The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is better.

26 Apr 2015
Well the technology of the game is quite good.
It knows most of the commands and helps you in not to abvious ways.

Although its quite anoying to die all the time because for example you lay in front of the bulldozer (bad idea :D) and cant stand up fast enough. ( It said : Your safe and when i tried moving it said : Your dead - Which didnt make any sense)

Id love a game like this but one that is nicer without the dying part.

Review for Teenage Gaywad
26 Apr 2015
Its quite a nice story and works good /without problems.
I liked it but it was way too short.
Please work on it some more and make it longer :*