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Review for digimon
31 Jul 2016
its hard i couldnt digivolve the digimon and in the first place it didnt go to the arena with you....

30 Jul 2016
too short..... demo's have more to it.... this isnt a demobeides all you can do is answer the phone and accept the case after that... nothing... sadly -_-
but its a good start

Review for Robot
30 Jul 2016
i didnt finish the game, it was too confusing..... nothing had a description, what do you expect people to know what everything is by default,

the only things that had a description was the player and the manual, p.s the manual should of had read verb... you wrote everything thats on the manual in the description....

and i agree with GodlyCow - you didnt put much effort into this,

sorry for the harshness but i'm just being honest

sorry but I couldn't wear the coat hat mask I think you should fix it put a verb on the items put wear ok :) it worked for me