REMAKE:the ghost and the subway phantom by magix

i screwed up on first one sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review by Tiffany Pratt
16 Dec 2013
sorry but I couldn't wear the coat hat mask I think you should fix it put a verb on the items put wear ok :) it worked for me

Review by Power Vector
29 Jan 2009
Sorry for the rating, but the grammer is just too bad. Original ideas.

This is for every1 here. Try entirely scripting your own text adventures. I do and it gives you alot more flexibility including as many rooms as you can script! ^^

Review by Michael1
19 Jan 2009
Yes you should get Quest Pro, I Use it it's awesome.

magix don't take this personal but I to had to rate it 1 star, I Looked
for a reason to rate it 2 stars but couldn't find one.

My spelling isn't all that good either. but I try very hard to
spell correctly since It's a text game and It's all about words.

to give you an idea I spend hours and days on a game just to make
sure the base of my game is down pat, It's not easy but it is fun, It's
like a puzzle.

Advice: Plan the game first, think it over, once you have a plan work
on it from the ground up not from the sky down.
Create vars that you may need, create procedures to help you control
the game, also think ahead, and whatever you do make sure the player
at least has an idea of what is happening, if the player gets lost
and has trouble reading your style of writing they'll leave your
game very quick and may think bad of you.

Things to think about: Will your game have combat? if so is it real
time or turn based? also is combat menu drivin or seamless?, does
the player level up?, is there skills and stats?, what about magic?, what
genre would you call your game? is there vehicles? what about a story?
RPG's are nothing without a story.

I usually make a seamless combat system, turn based usually.

Review by Andrew Trewin
04 Jan 2009

Your grammer is terrible. Please use a spell check such as this: Before uploading your games.

The game itself is confusing. I don't really understand what is going on most of the time. Whats up with the wierd puppets? Why do I have to jump out a window to get to the town centre? What town is this anyway? What is my NAME?
Thank you for your apology, but please, there is no need to include that into your game. Out here in the site is fine.

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