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Review for Escape The House 2!
12 Feb 2008
Bravo! Bravo!
Best game I've seen from you
Its sooooooo Funny and if I recommend a funny text adventure author it will be you dther99


Take key
Take Paper Clip
North all the way
Read the ending :)


Review for Escape The House!
11 Feb 2008
Hey dther99, Ive won!

This isnt a very good game but its funny!
So I'm Rating this a 4
and welcome back dther99

Review for Sandbox Samurai
19 Dec 2007
Like in the other post I made from the forums link:

Very Nice game for a Newbie to make

P.S. Where did you get the name Michael from? me?

Review for House Of Horror
08 Dec 2007
If you wondering what is the walkthrough for House of Horror well here it is.

1.Speak to ghost
2.Go East
3.Take Pie
4.Go West
5.Give pie to ghost
6.Use key on door
7.Go north
8.Type 'Climb Ladder'
You win

This game is a could had more inprovements

03 Dec 2007
An ok game
I found it very funny when you type fight (object)
Since your gonna make a v2
I should say that when you type dance in the quest runner it closes and if you do it on the Play games online it makes this x on the picture
You should ask Alex how to put pictures in a zip file instead of the internet.

20 Nov 2007
Review #2 Comment by Steve Lingle
19 Nov 2007

I'm not going to rate this. If I did, it would be a one or a negative number. Please make an actual game before posting on here. This file seems to be no more than a practice file to see if commands can be used.
"Its pie" when you look at the pie.
According to the walkthrough, you have to "pull the book" but the commands "pull the book", "pull book", "pull", "pull the book that says lever" and "pull book that says lever" do not work.
By the way, you must type "book that says lever" when you want to do something with it... look, x, take, speak to.
I played it longer than it took to create it, I'm sure.... which wasn't long, I assure you.


I know it wasn't good but why the negative feelings?
Man if your a teacher all those kids that you teach will have a hard time.
and guess what?
Your Kings Quest is gone from the 10 Best rating games

Review #2 Comment by dther99
18 Nov 2007

walk through: take all pies. go into the living room. go to the library. pull the book. throw pie. the maniac will die. you win.


You just improving on making great games.
That jerk Steve Lingle is a negative guy.
Just Ignore him
That Walkthough was Helpful

Everyone check this Review!

What a piece of junk made by Steve Lingle
Make sure you read this!

Review #1 Review by Shanielle

3 Sep 2007

If you are a Kings Quest fan you will LOVE this game. I was completely amazed at how close to the story line it was. Incredible! It's really cool especially if you have already played KQV because now you get to imagine the screens and pretty much play from memory - it's a whole new challange. If you haven't played KQ I still think it's a worthwhile game because the storyline is so captivating. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did - I give it two thumbs way up :)

Rating: 5 stars


If your a Kings Quest fan buy don't you buy the game intsead of look at this junk

Review for Dim
13 Oct 2007
I liked this game its funny!
this part was my favioite: (use hammer at ceiling in crate room)

You hit the ceiling hard, and candy comes out. I love pinatas! Ok just kidding... Really it does nothing.

Review for Lodus
06 Oct 2007
I liked this game.
I Liked the effects like the baackground
Its not like a action game its more like a relaxing game

06 Oct 2007
Man this Game is funny!
You can even type a walkthrou in about 5 secounds

Go Right and then out

Review for Assassin
06 Oct 2007
The the best Game I ever Seen!
this game has a lot of description
And I liked the ending

Well Done Mocha Man and Eager Elmer!