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Reviews by dmaz

09 Apr 2015
Very well developed game. Both challenging, fun, with humor here and there.

Really no complains other than a glitch I encountered near the end, which also proved to be quite entertaining but left me needing to restart.

At some point, after descending the fire escape I had two options to go "west". This seemed to occur after I died in the room with the gremlins due to wasting too much time observing things and backtracking after trying again.

I must have taken the wrong "west" option because it got me back into the first building. I was able to find the forklift all over again and drive around inside it with the chick following me everywhere, haha.

In the end I got stuck as I didn't have the extinguisher anymore to deal with the bear all over again (who was back to life just like the fork life).

Aside from that one bug, I couldn't find any problems, and thought the plot was great.