The Things That Go Bump In The Night by Tim Hamilton

This is my first Horror game. I have a try again feature in it but save anyway because if you waste resources you will be in an unwinable position. Hope You enjoy it! =)

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Review by dragonrider1300
09 Nov 2017
put the text box back in. after the creature scene, the game simply can't be played.

Review by emmodii
26 Mar 2017
Unfortunately, I can't advance past the creature at the door due to the fact the text box disappears and I apparently can't use anything as a weapon? Even the fire extinguisher?

The beginning was okay and I was intrigued to continue, but the bug just made me unable to continue so I can't give a really good rating.

Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
This game's been very buggy for a long time now and never got fixed - the text box disappears making it impossible to type and continue, and objects that should work for beating puzzles say they can't be used.
Most objects mentioned in room descriptions can't be interacted with, but one or two need to be to carry on - although the game soon crashes anyway. Also rooms' directions are confusing and don't connect properly.

Review by MisterPibb316
16 May 2015
I can tell there's a deep and compelling game buried in here, but after making myself miserable trying to get around errors in which the command bar disappears, I just couldn't take it anymore. Apparently the mobile version is riddled with bugs too.

Review by dmaz
09 Apr 2015
Very well developed game. Both challenging, fun, with humor here and there.

Really no complains other than a glitch I encountered near the end, which also proved to be quite entertaining but left me needing to restart.

At some point, after descending the fire escape I had two options to go "west". This seemed to occur after I died in the room with the gremlins due to wasting too much time observing things and backtracking after trying again.

I must have taken the wrong "west" option because it got me back into the first building. I was able to find the forklift all over again and drive around inside it with the chick following me everywhere, haha.

In the end I got stuck as I didn't have the extinguisher anymore to deal with the bear all over again (who was back to life just like the fork life).

Aside from that one bug, I couldn't find any problems, and thought the plot was great.


Review by Scarlett Phantom
31 Mar 2015
It seems like a good game, but it kept crashing, so I wasn't really able to tell.

18 Jan 2015
Love it, great mechanics, simple, great game, but the story is pretty bad, no character development and stuff, still, spooky, 5/5!

Review by cahillm
13 Sep 2014
I love this game but I am stuck. I have the three fuses (good, new and dusty) and I can't find the 4th. I assume I need to use the fuses to wash out the black mass. Hopefully that will give me some insight on how to unlock the gun rack and use that rifle to kill the slag monster since my fire extinguisher is empty

Review by Dogeydog27
20 Aug 2014
Best, most addicting text game I have played. It may get u stuck at points but I'm sure u can figure it out. Have fun! 😎😄😎

Review by miller1000
22 Apr 2014
Game keeps crashing everytime I try to enter the spider's room.

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Tim Hamilton

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Written for Quest 4.1
Published 03 Dec 2010

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