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Reviews by Cyril

20 Sep 2016
Great fun. Wonderfully written with a great sense of humor. Was able to make it through with out any help although at times I was tempted. Everything you need is right there if you take time to pick it up as you go. Overall a good play and certainly worth the time. Thanks for the effort in putting it together. Can't believe you only got third place.

Review for Grisham
16 Sep 2016
Another wonderful waste of time

Review for The Zen Garden
16 Aug 2016
Beautifully done! Very nice story line with intriguing puzzles. Not an easy game to win. Well worth the effort. In many ways more detailed than other text adventure games. Requires you to really pat attention to details and to search patiently. Not a game for those who expect immediate gratification. But for those with patience and determination a very fun and challenging game. Well worth playing again and again.

Review for Mermaid Bay
21 Mar 2016
I must say, this game was a real challenge. Beautifully done, it keeps you really engaged. Some of the puzzles are quite tricky but not impossible. It takes a little imagination and a lot of patience. Nice descriptions of your surroundings that give you just enough hints to enable you to finish the game. I had to use language that I was not used to in order to satisfy the needs of the game . But once that was understood with the aid of the help command in the game I was able to complete the game. Look forward to trying more of Peter's Games.

08 Mar 2016
Beautiful game. Really enables me to enjoy text adventure games again. Nice story line and over 300 rooms to visit. Not bogged down by the number of items you can carry with you. Some of the puzzles are extremely difficult. I had a hard time getting the Vampire to stop following me but he finally got the point. Waking up the sleeping man in the maze was a real treat. Felt like such a ding a ling when I figured it out. That maze was a breeze compared to the rainbow maze. Only making my own map helped me through that one. And I really had my hands full handling the Spire. Whew! After that it was easier until I got to the Demon Lord. I'm presently 94% complete and can't figure out what I have missed or what I'm doing wrong. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks