Jacqueline, Jungle Queen! by Eaten By A Grue

You are Jacqueline McBean, modern woman for the Thirties and intrepid international correspondent for the Fresno Bee. The good news is that you're on your way to a plum assignment among the glitzy spires and glamorous nightclubs of beautiful Golanaland. The bad news is that the plane only makes it ninety-nine percent of the way to Gola City and that last one percent is a real doozy. Alone in the heart of the Golanese jungle and armed only with the powers granted by the ancient jungle shrines, can you learn the ways of the animals, wield torrential rains and searing heat, and become at last the mighty Jungle Queen?

Of course you can! You're a modern woman for the Thirties!

(3rd place, 2014 Interactive Fiction Competition)

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Review by Skotthildur
09 Nov 2017
Great concept. Good execution.

Review by jbellow239
31 Jan 2017
Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by archerqueen08
30 Jan 2017
Awesome game!!!

Review by crystalwizard
29 Jan 2017
The first couple rooms are written well, but I'm seriously frustrated. There are exits, but not visible, even when they SHOULD be visible. For example, in the first room you can climb up out of the plane. So there should be a visible up exit, or climb, or climb on seat, or something. But there's nothing.

So I made it to the second room, and once everything started telling me "I don't understand that command", I gave up in frustration and quit.

Review by Ashonai
26 Dec 2016
I really enjoyed the dynamics of this adventure. I'd be interested in some sort of sequel about what her life is like afterwards, using her powers to be the best at her job. I really enjoyed your other game, Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft, as well. I hope that you make more games soon... or if you have other games somewhere, please point me in their direction!

Review by Regisblackgaard
15 Dec 2016
great game! i am appaled by b*****s like Susana who give this one star. Personaly, i havent won yet, but i would like to someday.

Review by Cyril
20 Sep 2016
Great fun. Wonderfully written with a great sense of humor. Was able to make it through with out any help although at times I was tempted. Everything you need is right there if you take time to pick it up as you go. Overall a good play and certainly worth the time. Thanks for the effort in putting it together. Can't believe you only got third place.

Review by Susana
11 Oct 2015
Lame and boring.

Review by pinchme
22 Aug 2015
Short. Logical. Funny and fun! Most importantly it was creative. Would have been nice if certain functions didn't require such a specific sequence of commands. overal a great fun!

Review by Paper Asssassin
30 Jul 2015
This is a pure masterpiece! The plot and concept is fantastic and I love the humour too.

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Published 01 Sep 2014
Updated 16 Nov 2014