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17 Jan 2017
Alright Kids,

Let's look into a day in the life of someone who is far more altruistic then me,

There's a lot to enjoy in this short game. You play as a volunteer for a suicide hotline and your job is to prevent a lady's suicide. Unfortunately, the game is really short and you can go through all the choices in about 10-15 minutes. The maker of the game does a good job of making a game where it feels like there are stakes and they cover a lot in what little game there is. One thing that bothers me a little is the period question mark in, "Abuse.?"The line when you win is perhaps a bit cheesy, and personally the picture confuddles me. It's more of a "Where did she shoot herself, the splotch of blood on her head doesn't look like a gunshot wound." and "Why is the splotch there if it isn't the gunshot?" It raises a couple of questions about the (Possibly) Schizophrenic lady with daddy issues.

To summarize, it's an enjoyable game that you wish would be longer or have more calls. The maker, Shirogane, did an excellent job, especially with this being their first game. I encourage the maker to make more games in the future.

To quote, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Page 8, “Lemme have a hunk uh cheese and some sody crackers.”

Review for Night House
17 Jan 2017
Alright Kids,

Let's Look into this wonderful game about a house. AT NIGHT.

Well, this game had a lot of good in it. The sounds were nice. (When they had it), and the game gives good descriptions about most rooms, keeping in pace with the narrative and atmosphere. The story is pretty good, but the twist is fairly obvious right away and perhaps a bit cliche. You still get invested in the story. So much of the game play is good, the map is a wonderful inclusion as is the compass and inventory. Overall, a good game with a good story, what's not to love?

Good question, and one with apparently three answers. First, lots of people are complaining about a time limit. I saw no time limit, but I was and remained, logged in throughout my entire run through of the game. Now the second problem isn't with the game itself, but rather, with the guide. The walkthrough/guide only really helps for certain bits of the walkthrough and the majority of the time, that wasn't what I was stuck on. What was I stuck on, you may ask. To that, I reply, I was stuck on the section where you put the blood on the decoy, not because I didn't cook the meat, but because I didn't type the right command. Multiple times. My third and final problem with this game is the type here box. I got stuck constantly trying to type in something it would accept. It only takes very specific phrases, and I wanted to give up several times because I knew what to do, but the game wouldn't let me. This is the game's weakest spot. And it's also how you get lore and backstory, but it makes lore, backstory, and any other time you have to use the type here box incredibly tedious.

To summarize, it's a good game, but be very specific with the type here box. It's the scariest part of the game.

Now, I need to go take out the trash. AT NIGHT.

Review for Teen Suicide
17 Jan 2017
Alright Kids,

Let's dive into this wondrous 4 year old's attempt at a text adventure game,

Well, the game just doesn't seem finished. First off, all the photos seem to be stock photos, nothing too awful about that, but they seem as though the creator just googled "School" or "Alcohol" and picked the first thing that came up on Google Images. The main character Lily isn't even consistent in the photos. The only thing that stays consistent is that she's a white girl with constantly changing facial structure, body type, and hair color and thickness. My second problem with this game is the English. The grammar isn't awful, but still needs work, an example being "because she has rag clothes" or "Daisy has very bad depression". Now we get to my biggest gripe with the game. It just kinda stops after you make a choice. You chose not to have sex with your boyfriend, too bad. The game ends with your choice highlighted at the bottom of the screen. No game over, no restart, they didn't even have an ending screen. So most of the time you have to click a certain option each time, or start the game over via the refresh button. The first choice is the only one where you can actually pick either option, but if you pick the bottom one, it gives you the option to "Inform a teacher and make sure the students are consulted with." The students are only mentioned in the other choice, and of course, picking this option is the only way to progress the "Plot". The game has a very thin story line that really just hurts to play. Characters are introduced and then forgotten immediately, nothing seems realistic, and apparently she moves to an upscale urban community, but has no house? I've grown to dislike this game more and more the longer I play it. I've reached the only ending in the game and all it gives you is a picture of a white, blonde girl in a graduation outfit smiling. No text, no nothing. It isn't enjoyable bad, it's just bad. I know this review won't stop you from playing it, I'm just hoping you won't play it for over 30 seconds.

To summarize, it's like someone combined Big Rigs Racing and Rebecca Black's Friday, sucked out all the enjoyable parts and made a text adventure game.