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Reviews by Nemmiriel

19 Sep 2018
So, I went through two variants of the story and I thought to myself: heavy, but good. And then, some time later in the day, I got a random thought: "wait, what if I did THAT ONE different?". And I did. And holy shit, did I uncover the most satisfying ending in the story! I'd give this 10 stars if I could. Seems so simple at first, so... linear even, but when you explore all the options, you know it was totally worth it.

Review for Victorian Detective
06 Sep 2018
My first game here and I already know I'll be staying. This was amazing, challenging but not frustrating. The perfect lenght too - long enough to pull me in the story and concise enogh to not become tiring and boring. A must play for any text-based adventures' lover!