A maiden leads a unicorn hunt.

Sixteen narrative variants.
Mature thematic elements.
Twine CYOA.
05 Sep 2019
Cool game! Really descriptive and nice and long. It has an interesting story,too.

Review by FantasyLand
16 Dec 2018
A lot darker and sadder than I expected... But I still enjoyed it immensely.

Review by Nemmiriel
19 Sep 2018
So, I went through two variants of the story and I thought to myself: heavy, but good. And then, some time later in the day, I got a random thought: "wait, what if I did THAT ONE different?". And I did. And holy shit, did I uncover the most satisfying ending in the story! I'd give this 10 stars if I could. Seems so simple at first, so... linear even, but when you explore all the options, you know it was totally worth it.

Review by PureClover6711
15 Aug 2018
Gonna be honest, it's dark. I think a good kind, but this will sit on you a little heavy. I enjoyed it, and would recommend to others, just keep in mind it IS NOT pg.

Review by Herohamster17
21 May 2018
Holy moly! This is an awesome text only story! I can´t understand some words, but I know, what happend next. And the pictures - very beautiful!

Review by jmnevil54
12 Feb 2018
Very beautiful! Nice story!

Review by archerqueen08
11 Feb 2018
Simply fantastic!! The story is very detailed but also keeps the player in the dark.

Review by IFforClassroom
02 Jun 2017
Groover, great as ever.

Review by mick green
19 Jan 2017
Amazing writing - totally engaging.

Review by chilljelloton
19 Jan 2017
It left my mind full of beautiful imaginary. It brings out emotion and inspiration, it is strength in words if I had ever seen any.

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