Reviews by sarcasticstoat

28 Jul 2018
I completely agree with @WarriorCatsTextAdventureMaker191 - this text adventure was boring, bland, and at the absolute most, mediocre. The descriptiveness of the writing is appallingly boring, and I wished this within 2 minutes, through ALL playthroughs.

I do not wish to be harsh, but this is probably on the bad side of all of the WC Dating Simulators I have ever played... Which is quite a bit. Sorry! It's definitely unfinished, so please work on it more, and then I can judge it furthermore.

01 Apr 2018
This is an overall good game- it features good grammar, and unique choices that you can make with each section. I love the fact that you have the option to be bisexual, not just restrained to the common heterosexuality. I spotted a few spelling mistakes here and there, and the average amounts of grammatical errors, so I would say you were alright on that. There are definitely quite a few dead ends, but any Work in Progress has paths you can not go down just yet. A great game, I would say, just needs a little more work to be perfect! Keep up the good work, Gingersong!