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24 Dec 2021
It is never a good sign to come across a typo in the very first sentence: a good old proofreading would be useful here. I liked the out-of-nowhere, nightmarish opening though ("you're running..."). It is a promising idea that needs to be elaborated on. Quite much.

Review for Seedship
24 Dec 2021
It an intriguing take on CYOA. The precision of the story-telling is impressive (with you playing the "human-like" AI and everything), as is the high number or well-thought-trough results. One thing though: as it is a human-like AI with human-like thinking, it would have been more realistic for it to be able to turn back to a planet already scanned.

Review for One Eye Open
21 Dec 2021
Even though the next step was oftentimes quite far from obvious, the nice plot and the genuine clues (HINT) compensated for it. I agree with those before me: EXITS comes in handy as descriptions do not always mention them.