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Reviews by Philiputian

14 May 2021
This is easily one of the best macrophile text adventures I've ever played. I'd definitely put this up there next to the pedestal that I keep Shrunk at College on.

Although this story gets bonus points because I prefer unwilling tinies that don't like feet.

Anyway, this is extremely well written and despite feeling like there's plenty left to go, it still feels like there's a surprising amount of depth and work already put in.

Absolutely wonderful for feet lovers, it has its fair share of other stuff too but as feet is my favorite, of course I'll focus on that.

My favorite area is the farm, and I absolutely love that a portion of the story involves becoming some girl's pet. LOVE that. Honestly, I hope eventually you add the option to stay her pet longer. Piper's my fav character in the whole story and I wanted even more feet content from her. Would especially love if the MC had to clean her feet, I kept expecting that but it never came sadly. Maybe someday!

Anyway, keep up the great work, your story is fantastic, and every little addition you add in the future, no matter how small, will be great! (remember it's okay to only add a little at a time, each update doesn't have to be massive)