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28 Feb 2018
Er...not really my thing. The humor isn't very thought-out.

27 Feb 2018
Ok...I don't know what's going on.

10 Feb 2018
The whole game was satisfying but the puzzles were a bit absurd. For example, I was killed without any warning when I took an item and for some reason you can kill wizards with plates. But overall, the coding and the game were good. A bit more descriptive and I would give it 4 stars.

Review for A Hobbit Trek
09 Feb 2018
It was pretty easy actually, you just need to use the objects around you. Gameplay takes about 20 minutes :D

27 Jan 2018
I am speechless after playing this. This must be one of the best games I've ever come across. At first you might not know whats going on, but gradually you find out more about yourself and the situation by asking NPCs. There's also a few puzzles involved.
Overall, the game is creative, interesting, and even gets a bit emotional at parts.
Great game!