Reviews by nathans

28 Apr 2015
AMAZING GAME. This game was completely mind blowing. I did not know how much ones life could be changed by a game of this caliber. I realize now that this game could only be made by a true mastermind. When I first played this game I thought to myself. Hmmm maybe this game won't be to good. But then, then I played it and slowly but surely I realized, this game is the game I have been looking for. You see ever my wife, Debbie passed away life has been tough. It's like I have a cavity that can only be filled by a great game. I found this game and suddenly, I was able to forget all worries about my wife Debbie and whether or not she actually is up there with the big guy. Suddenly I realized Debbie is fine! I can go on living my life knowing that I have indeed found something better than Debbie. When I was scrolling through uncatagorized games I just kinda figured, these games are gonna suck nards. The something caught my eye. I can't exactly describe what it was, maybe it was that sassy badger on the front picture, or maybe it was the title of a champion. Speaking of champions, that reminds me of the time when I woke up one morning. Now this morning was not like any other morning. On this morning I strolled downstairs and I realized, I am a boss. So you know what I did? I ate the breakfast of champions. If you don't know what that is you should google it because it is really worth eating. Anyway back to ho it changed my life. Now you see when it caught my eye I thought. Maybe this game won't even be good. Then I thought, You know what? That's not even fair, I think I should at least give it a chance. So I did, and boy am I ever glad I gave it a chance because if I had Not given it a chance then I could still be at home sobbing about Debbie rather then writing the longest game review ever. So anyway back to how it changed my life. So I clicked on it, I stared at it for a bit and I thought, Yeah, you know what, maybe I can discover this game. Maybe once I play this game I can introduce thousands of others. You see, this game changed me 100% and I feel that if we can get enough people with the same kind of sob story like me, if we can get them to play this game, lives WILL be changed. I'm not talking small changes, but I'm talking seriously changed. People will start to write books, make theories, invent stuff! Just think about how exciting this all can be. If we can get more people like me to play this game, I don't think I will be alone in saying that this is the best game ever!

Review for First Times
15 Apr 2015
I woke up then got stuck. I think i broke it when i ate the gurney

19 Mar 2015
This game made me sad thinking about a little boy running away from home and not going back to his mom. I got really sad when he became a cockroach and got stepped on. Common cole.