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Reviews by alexfangtalon

26 Jan 2016
Its really a -5 but the lowest I can give is a 1 soooo yeah.

Review for Hearth the Rogue
11 Dec 2015
This is a website for text adventures with choices. There is no real choice to this. Bad grammar and spelling as well. Pointless options. Its very cliche. Soilent Green anyone?

Review for The Evil Within
10 Dec 2015
If its a demo state it in the title or at the beginning of the game. Decent idea, but you didn't really do anything with it. Its more or less just words with no importance. Good idea, but you need to do something with it.

Review for One to Remember
09 Dec 2015
It doesn't work at all.

Review for We Fall Together
09 Dec 2015
Its a decent story. It has no choices or real interactivity to it though.

06 Dec 2015
A gamebook is suppose to have decisions that affect the game. Also this had no 'rivalry' of any kind unless you messed up the page link.