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Reviews by Lighnagain

Review for The Red Herring
18 Dec 2016
Terrible. Full of coding errors which make this game impossible to play. I am never against an enigmatic and somewhat existential story-line, but there is NO story. No descriptions, no flavor text. Just walking around in circles. When I did what I -thought- was supposed to be the end-game, I tried to leave and it said the same thing, that I hadn't completed it. But I did? But the item in question was still in my inventory, even after it was supposedly consumed. Can't pick up items that ought to be (ie, the potion) and many instances blocks of text were repeated several times. Also the vortex moved, but was still described in the room. This game needs to be unpublished until the author figures out the coding properly. I don't for a second believe any of the reviews below.

Review for The Lost Scroll
07 Nov 2016
As one might ascertain from my propensity to post in the comments section, I did find the puzzles in the latest Edwards puzzle challenging. However, it was primarily a fault of my own for not trying the right things, as the sense in the story was clear. At no point was the logic of the next step questionable--and when you were expected to treat an object in an unconventional way, there were a multitude of hints to direct your mind. My biggest praise, however, is to the author himself--for always being attentive to the player who posts incessantly because she can't figure out a verb! Now to go back and finish the other games of his I haven't gotten a chance to complete!

03 Aug 2016
FINALLY FINISHED! I really enjoyed playing this game, although I struggled mightily. Great appreciation to the author for being active in forums to quickly address bugs and offer advice. Bonus points for the thinly veiled clues that still allowed adventurers to puzzle it out themselves! I had one point of critique that immediately I had to recant because it ended up playing into the story a short time later. (No spoilers!) It is a difficult game, and sometimes the verbiage is not very intuitive, but with copious use of the forums and comments, I have defeated the enemy, and survived to tell the tale! (Who is Shazza?)