The Lost Scroll by peter edwards

You are an investigative journalist with a high reputation based on your success in solving the mystery of Dom Orre.
You are summoned to the house of an old man, John de Sward, on his 100th birthday, who has a mission for you in a nearby stately home.

I believe you will find it quite difficult, but the good news is you won't be "killed" or find yourself in an unwinnable position.

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Review by WarriorsSN
29 Jun 2018
ok so... i did not finish the game because i got bored! yay. anyways, heres why:
1. i thought it was SUPER boring how you typed north, east, south or west every time you wanted to go a certain way.
2. i don't know if this was supposed to be like this, but there was too many rooms!
3. also, i felt that it is VERY super meticulous having to search every single room in the house
the actual writing of the game was good. that probably took a while :p. anyways i'd just say make the setup more like Victorian Detective, so you go through a story, rather than just moving around by yourself in a house looking for a scroll the could fit just about anywhere.

Review by GameofChocolate
23 Jul 2017
It was really good writing, an interesting backstory, and a definite challenge. But I can't seem o get my key to work, and the constant need to search is making this feel like a pixelhunt. I gave up. This game has started to become a long, tedious affair. Good job for the most part. I don't hate the game, I just got bored with it.

Review by Natloud
15 Jun 2017
Really intriguing, detailed and addictive. Great game!

Review by Sue
09 May 2017
What's not to love about a heritage house, hidden treasure, and a load of fiendish puzzles?

The Lost Scroll has stunningly intricate and layered details for almost every object in the game (for example, I spent a good 5 minutes examining a painting, and it was just scenery!). Yet, despite the level of detail, the text never feels bogged down. There’s a perfect balance of interesting and necessary to keep things moving.

While definitely tricky, the puzzles are all intuitive and so long as you search everything (seriously, everything!) they're all perfectly solvable.

This was an absolutely fantastic game and I would definitely recommend it.

Review by Jfulls002
02 Dec 2016
Another homerun for Peter Edwards.

Review by KyuJones
07 Nov 2016
Absolutely fun. These tough puzzles are set in a wonderful scenario with entrancing descriptions - some that are just fun to read! I honestly went back to a couple items thinking they may be a clue to something, but it seems they were just there for the curious. ^____^
I loved that each special item had its place specific to its detail. Those frustratingly thoughtful moments trying to consider what went where and which clues to use.... you know how to test your readers and make them feel QUITE accomplished upon discoveries!
Now if only I could hop into that world and wander that old house. <3

Review by Lighnagain
07 Nov 2016
As one might ascertain from my propensity to post in the comments section, I did find the puzzles in the latest Edwards puzzle challenging. However, it was primarily a fault of my own for not trying the right things, as the sense in the story was clear. At no point was the logic of the next step questionable--and when you were expected to treat an object in an unconventional way, there were a multitude of hints to direct your mind. My biggest praise, however, is to the author himself--for always being attentive to the player who posts incessantly because she can't figure out a verb! Now to go back and finish the other games of his I haven't gotten a chance to complete!

Review by DavyB
07 Jun 2016
This is the 8th Quest text adventure from Peter Edwards in the last 3-4 years, with a 2-year gap back to his previous game, Mermaid Bay. All so far have been beautifully constructed and this one is no exception.

Peter commented in 2014 that he “…really must try to make the puzzles harder...” and has succeeded! I therefore recommend starting with an earlier game if you are new to the collection. That will help you get used to Peter’s style and allow you to take advantage of the many additional clues in the surrounding discussion.

The Lost Scroll is a pure text adventure, meaning that there are no hyperlinks, no control panel, and no map. There are, however, a few pictures to add atmosphere and these work well. The general appearance of the adventure is excellent though I would prefer continuous scrolling rather than text being deleted when some pictures are presented.

The adventure itself is written to a very high standard, with subtle clues woven into the text. There is a simple clear storyline, which is reinforced as the adventure proceeds, providing an engaging and very satisfactory experience overall. For me, the decision to leave out situations where the player can die, or worse still, end up in an unwinnable state, was very welcome.

The Lost Scroll may be Peter’s best game so far, but I have five more to play before I can offer that conclusion. Well done!

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Published 26 May 2016
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