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02 Jan 2019
This was a good little appetizer plate of interactive fiction. The text format is clean and concise, and the font is easy to read.

The summary mentioned "Make notes with a sharp HB pencil", so I had assumed there would be some sort of quiz/memory test aspect to the game, but (at this point, at least) there isn't one. I did appreciate being able to go back and forth between pages/statements so I could follow all the routes, though.

I noticed a few small spelling/grammar errors - "your" being used instead of "you're" and "now" instead of "know", "reveived" when (I think) they meant "received", that sort of thing - but on the whole it's well-written.

It was a bit strange that the man being interrogated never gave his name, and that very little information about the actual crime he's being accused of is given, outside of "your CEO is dead". Also, I wasn't entirely sure why I was even interrogating this man - am I a journalist, or a detective? That being said, I'm aware that this is basically a teaser... And tease me it did. I'm looking forward to tasting the final dish.

20 Jul 2018
The game is great - the historical settings are great, the ability to create your character throughout the narrative is great. It's a 5 star game... but you're only able to play a portion of it before being trapped behind a paywall.
I understand the desire to make money on something that took a lot of time and effort to make, but I feel like the need to pay for the complete story should have been mentioned in the summary.

Review for Aquarium
10 Jul 2018
This was a great little story - I love the "living text", as other reviewers have called it. The way it shifts feels very organic. I played it several times, and each time I enjoyed it. I do wish it was longer, but that's neither here nor there.

Also my Sherlock fangirl brain immediately decided that Sebastian's last name is Moran, and the character's name is Jim Moriarty.

Review for Detectiveland
30 Jun 2018
I can't give this enough stars. I'm honestly amazed by the fact that it was free to play - it was such a high-quality game! The sound effects, original music, unique interface, stylized portraits and phenomenal scriptwork blew me away. I'm not kidding when I say this game is now sitting right up there with the Her Interactive Nancy Drew games as top-tier armchair detective gaming.

Thank you for what had to have been months of work. Your passion for your craft was evident and very appreciated.

Review for The Mansion II
29 Jun 2018
This was a great game! I really appreciated the maps and teleportation feature, it made navigation so much less frustrating.
My only complaints/critiques are pretty minor - using items quickly felt clunky, because of the repetitive need to "Use _____ with ______", (but the ability to scroll through past commands made it easier) and there were times where the next step wasn't clear, ("How do I empty this vial?" By dropping it) so trial-and-error was a tedious necessity. But that's often part of text adventuring.

All in all, this game was awesome and I'm glad I was able to play it. :)