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Reviews by Yoloswaggins1408

02 Jan 2017
Dude, this thing is freaking awesome. Best text adventure I've played.

Review for Julia
19 Aug 2014
There wasn't much playing. I couldn't choose whether I wanted to die.

Review for Luna
20 Apr 2014
It was interesting but short! I would hope to see a fuller version of this!

20 Apr 2014
It was pretty good! Excited for the sequel!

Review for steven
19 Apr 2014
Were you drunk when you wrote this? It wasn't good at all!

Review for Haircut
05 Jan 2014
I wish there was a 4 1/2 button but there's not :(

Review for Pit Ponies
04 Jan 2014
This game is bloody brilliant! If you didn't rate this 5 stars you are cursed forever!!

Review for My mistake
03 Jan 2014
It was good. I think it should have been called I confess or something.