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11 Jan 2021
I think this one besides 2 others are my main ones to go too. This is an extremely fun and adventurous game, where nothing is exactly determined. I think the only thing I would be wondering about is what is to come next, and so with that, I have nothing negative to say~! I hope that if you end up reading this, that your day is swell, and only gets better~!

Review for Giantess World
30 Jan 2019
I see this game having slight potential but it doesnt show any idea on how to leave the room or any hints. don't get me wrong I'm bad at this too so I completely understand but I just don't see any way to move at all, that is not always the creator's fault though, I believe in you so I will give this all the stars in my heart, keep trying and you'll succeed! 5 stars but please try to give clarification, I
will always support!