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Reviews by Rocketgirl13

15 Apr 2017
I thought this was kind of funny. this reminds me of how I used to write stories for school and my teachers would laugh and want more. This is very silly, but very good!

15 Apr 2017
This was well written I could imagine everything going on. This definitely evokes emotion in the reader or player.
Although its not too satisfying that there was no ending evolving not dyeing in the end, This truly shows people should make the best out of one's life. Furthermore this story shows a lesson that even if the end seems near you should still not give up without a fight.
......or you know I'm getting too into it. This is what my English class turned me into.
This is a good story though. Looking forward for more of your work!

Review for Fatal Island Part 2
14 Apr 2017
Amazing, well done. I DEFINETLY enjoyed this. THANK YOU! you made my day. I just wish there were more like these out there. :)