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Reviews by Kim75

10 Nov 2014
Really good focus on the subject and consequences. Definitely achieved goal of being educational.

Review for Murder on the Hill
06 Nov 2014
As said in many comments, giving suspects more to say in response to certain queries and a few more subtle hints/better verbs to the harder places to find would've been great.

15 Jun 2014
I agree with Jim Kaplan 100%.

Review for The Mansion
13 Jun 2014
very good. looking forward to sequel.

Review for Make It Good
22 Jan 2014
Played this on another site...freaking mind boggling! You will probably play 3-4 times before figuring out the twist. Then probably 3-4 more times to solve it. This is such an thrilling and challenging narrative. Love this game.

Review for Inheritance
06 Oct 2013
nice story. Kind of anti-climactic though. Maybe a follow through with meeting aunt and mother and giving them the items they were looking for and telling them what you found, would tie up the loose ends better.