Reviews by VideoGamer

Review for Phil's Sister
16 Aug 2017
Honestly this game already strikes me as unique. The videos make it a interactive movie of sorts and this type of format is all around quite appealing. I understand how much it takes it make something like this, though I've never done it this makes me want to try.

Good job.

Review for The end.
16 Aug 2017
Its a playable game but it do not recommend anyone with high-standards to play it. I came in with my expectations low and I got every-single ending. It was fairly short, too short. I just wished that there was more to play. Give this gave a good thought and then make something I could enjoy. Its review day for me and I just played it to get done with it. I didn't actually enjoy it.
Here are some things I recommend, more choices, more endings, longer game and a proper title.
Do with this as you will, good day.

Review for The Intruder
16 Aug 2017
Ok to start off, the game has a nice look to it but the lack of variety in endings is kinda sad. Especially since its a quest game. Also, if your going to have a game with just 1 ending, then make a game with a good and convincing story that will feed the reader throughout.