The end. by Morbidshittodo

You are a killer. You have drugged and taken a girl into your home,and are prepared to kill her..

But are you willing to do so?
Review by VideoGamer
16 Aug 2017
Its a playable game but it do not recommend anyone with high-standards to play it. I came in with my expectations low and I got every-single ending. It was fairly short, too short. I just wished that there was more to play. Give this gave a good thought and then make something I could enjoy. Its review day for me and I just played it to get done with it. I didn't actually enjoy it.
Here are some things I recommend, more choices, more endings, longer game and a proper title.
Do with this as you will, good day.

Review by twin_centaurs
23 Sep 2015
This is the type of game that has more to it than first presumed. The concept is simple, but there are actually many endings. I played through several times and got most of them. Not bad for a quick play.

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Published 29 Aug 2015