Phil's Sister by cassleah

You’ve just finished your last final of senior year, and are headed to huge graduation bash on the other side of town. You studied hard, and fell like you definitely aced your exams -- you’re on top of the world. You turn on your phone and see you have several missed calls from your friend, Phil. You give him a call back and he sounds frenzied -- he can’t find his sister. Her car, her keys, and her phone are all missing, and she’s nowhere to be found. Have you seen her? You now have a choice: Do you say “sorry Phil” and head to your well-deserved booze-fest? Or do you instead enlist your help in the search for Katie? The choice you make, and every choice thereafter will lead you down a terrifying path from which you will either survive and save the day, or die a ghastly, painful death.

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Review by VideoGamer
16 Aug 2017
Honestly this game already strikes me as unique. The videos make it a interactive movie of sorts and this type of format is all around quite appealing. I understand how much it takes it make something like this, though I've never done it this makes me want to try.

Good job.

16 Sep 2016
The way this is done is a really good idea- The video footage included is very well put together and believably filmed (though it's a little out of focus at times), with phone apps, tv reports etc helping to make it believable. You've chosen some really good & atmospheric locations too. The effect can be quite blair-witch-y at times, and it must've taken a lot of effort to make!
It's a shame you couldn't get rid of the youtube logos & timer etc and embed the videos directly in the page, as they take away from the immersion just a little bit.

It's the story where this is a bit weaker- There are lot of deaths, which can be quite random- It seems like it could have been a good idea to put some clues to the mystery in some of the videos perhaps, which would help if you notice them? And the story doesn't end up making much sense- what was going on isn't ever explained, and what happens in one video often contradicts what happens in others, eg what Katie was doing!

Still, I really hope you make another project some time!

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